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Scarf Face

January 13, 2012

left to right: Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker and Natalie Wood

If you’re like me, you probably have a large number of a certain accessory that may or may not be taking up valuable wardrobe space.  While organizing recently, I realized that I have an insane amount of scarves that are crowding the top drawer of my dresser.  I was considering getting rid of some, but when I saw these photos, I suddenly felt inspired to start rocking the scarf again.

1. Audrey Hepburn, rocking a scarf the classic way

2. A great tutorial from Coletterie on how to make your own silk scarf

3. Today’s nail polish and Missoni for Target infinity scarf

As for the aforementioned photos that inspired my scarf-wearing resurgence, here’s a smaller version from the Target Style facebook page:

I’ve seen scarf tutorials before, but was excited about the handbag option…just think about the different patterns/combos this could add to your wardrobe!  I tried it for myself and voila, check out my new Gucci handbag:

With the handbag, the larger the scarf, the better (obviously.)  What are your thoughts on the scarf purse? Love it or leave it?



January 12, 2012

January Photo Challenge

Day 12: Closeup

A Year Ago Today, Parts 3 & 4

January 11, 2012

Sledding in Inman Park


Where You Sleep

January 11, 2012

January Photo Challenge

Day 11: Where You Sleep


January 10, 2012

January Photo Challenge

Day 10: Childhood

from left: (first photo)Mom, Dad and me; (second photo): Will, Mimi and me

A Year Ago Today, Part 2

January 9, 2012

During yesterday’s post about Snowpocalypse ’11, it completely skipped my mind to write about the running joke we had last year. Days before snow even hit the ground, I was teasing Chandler that we might get snowed in together.  To understand the joke, you must know that Chandler is in a band called Snowden (funny, right?)  Even though he became less and less amused by my joking (I couldn’t help it, I was delirious) I ended up getting my wish.  Mother Nature further solidified our extended Winter vacation and in turn, I  was officially snowed in with ( 1/4 ) of Snowden.

With a warning from the Mayor to stay off the roads, coupled with the fact that we were literally unable to drive anywhere, we took a walk around the neighborhood that day. Below are more photos from our journey taken that Monday.

Photos, part 3 tomorrow…

Daily Routine

January 9, 2012

January Photo Challenge

Day 9: Daily Routine

Julius had another vet appointment this past Friday and it went really well.  His blood sugar has gone down and is considered to be in normal range, which is great.  While we still have to keep giving him insulin injections twice daily,  he’s closer to being able to have the surgery he needs to be a healthy cat.  Ah, the things we do for the furry ones we love.